Rio 2 helped Western Union with “$50 for $5″ campaign: What can they do for Bitcoin?

The iMedia Connection website reports Western Union recently enlisted the help of the producers of Rio 2 and Fox Studios to promote its recent “$50 for $5″ campaign.

Rio 2 is a 3D animated comedy film, a sequel to “Rio”, produced by Blue Sky Studios. The film was one of the biggest box office successes this year, grossing over $490 million in sales.

The aforementioned worked with Western Union to produce 4 Rio-themed commercials of top-tier, film-like quality to get the message out. Their efforts appear to have paid off.

Media performance metrics such as total impressions, video completion rates and mobile display counts came in well above established benchmarks. More significantly, it outperformed amongst the Hispanic community, a major user of remittance markets and a key demographic for Western Union.

Hard financial figures were harder to uncover, however. Undoubtedly, it was a major investment and huge expense. Would an investment of this variety and scale be worthwhile for Bitcoin? Many idealists would loathe such a measure, shunning what they would describe as the depraved depths Western Union and other corporations are willing to go to exploit the needy.

But they may want to consider that if the community pulled together as a whole, what type of return they can generate from a marketing effort of even a fraction in magnificence. It can certainly put the “$50 for $5″ (= %10) in its proper perspective. And while the community may not be looking for any sort of “return”, they would certainly not mind putting a dent in the activities of Western Union and its ilk, which may yield dividends for the whole ecosystem in the not-too-distant future.

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