DogeTipBot Coming to Twitch, Brings Dogecoin Tipping to its 55 Million Viewers

Expanding its successful dogecoin tipping platform from just Reddit, DogeTipBot will be launching a beta version of its product on Twitch this weekend.   The arrival of dogecoin tipping on Twitch has been in the works for several months, with DogeTipBot Founder Josh Mohland stating earlier this month in an interview that it was coming in a few weeks.

DogeTipBot allows Reddit users to show gratification to other users when posting comments of links by providing a frictionless way to tip dogecoins to each other.  As an integrated product within the Reddit social network, once a user has a Reddit account, they don’t need to create a separate user or login to use DogeTipBot.

Announced on DogeTipBot’s blog, the product will be launching this weekend at the PaxPrime gaming convention in Seattle.  Recently announced that it was being acquired by Amazon for $970 million, Twitch is the world’s largest gaming community providing users the ability to upload and discuss videos of their gaming play.  The platform is also used to live stream popular gaming competitions.  Once fully launched to all Twitch users, DogeTipBot will become available to the gaming platform’s 55 million monthly viewers.

When speaking about his product with Jason Calacanis on This Week in Startups, Mohland viewed DogeTipBot’s performance on Reddit as proof that there is demand for social users to be able to acknowledge each other with tips and in a way it was like being able to upvote someone twice.  In regards to Twitch, Mohland related that he had received interest from the gaming community about using DogeTipBot and that he expected users to determine how tipping will take place, either towards video creators or to commenters.  Overall, Mohland viewed micro-payments and tipping as a feature that will evolve with different social communities using it in various ways.

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